About Agder Vikinglag:
Agder Vikinglag is at the moment the largest viking club in Norway. We count about 270 members from the two Agder counties. Our main focus is to learn and teach about the crafts, customs, and the traditions of the Viking era. Our members come in all ages with different viking interests. Agder Vikinglag arranges viking activities for school children, and we arrange three different viking markets each year. In addition, we arrange a lot of activities during the year; from craft workshops to traditional viking weapon training. We also participate at different historical markets and festivals in Norway and other countries.

Agder Vikinglag arranges two viking markets every year; one is the Bronseplassen Viking Market (usually in the second weekend of July), and the second market is the Hove Viking Market (in the last weekend of August). Every Tuesday and Wednesday we meet at Arendal and Kristiansand to make viking artifacts, like bows, shields. There will usually always be someone to assist you in making your own viking clothes and shoes, and also show you how to ‘nålebinde’ (the viking manner of knitting), weave/tablet weave, making stuff in wood. You are also welcome to sit and observe enthusiastic vikings work, while having a chat with other viking enthusiasts. In the spring months, we usually have one workshop a month, during one of the weekends. We participate in the citizen parade at the Norwegian Constitution Day, on the 17. of May.

* AVL was founded in 2004 by Eli Solgaard and Gorm Helge Rudshinat Grønli, at Bronseplassen in Høvåg.
* During 2007, Agder Vikinglag started to work together with Bronseplassen Historical Workshop regarding Bronseplassen Viking Market.
* In 2008 Agder Vikinglag (AVL) took over the responsibility for Bronseplassen Viking Market.
* During 2012 AVL started to work with Arendal County regarding the Hove Viking Market.
* In 2013, the historical conservation office in Vest-Agder, and Tingvatn Historical Park, started a collaboration with AVL regarding the Tingvatn Viking Ting.

Contact us:
+47 977 55 483


Postal address:
Agder Vikinglag
C/O Marianne Becker
Gjerstadveien 87
4818 Færvik